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ccmcacollister ♡ 171 ( +1 | -1 )
BCA otb Events thru 2007 As I will be wintering in the UK again this year from sometime in December onward awhile, it is once again time for me to start looking up OTB Chess events there. [To see if I can further pulverize my BCA rating, after going from an "underestimated 150" rating(??!) down to about 118 in my first try ...Yes, that takes quite an effort as well as a little luck to play THAT dismally. Of course a few blackouts {altitude/flight reaction, non-alcoholic variety :) }
from halfway thru the final round helps. :)) ]
So for the interested, I found the preceding link to a list of events for BCA. And EUREKA(!), it appears that I may actually be there for "THE (I believe)" "Hastings" tournament of such international renown!? If anyone can provide a bitmore informative listing, your assistance is appreciated...if I have not listed one here soon.
Also, I would be very interested in meeting any GK PLAYERS IN ENGLAND, ATTENDING HASTINGS OR BEING IN THE LONDON-KINGSTON AREA, or who may frequent the New Malden Chess Club as I like to. Whether at some event or for some pub Chess; maybe pizza if someone can find a COUPON ... or just say Hello.
(I have relatives there ... so I won't be asking to camp in your living room :)) haha.
and also am very married to my Chess playing English Rose, so with expectations pertaining only to Chess and very informally at that. Quite the low-stress invitation here. Perhaps a little Gk gathering if there's a few daring Chess souls about; say down the block from the in-laws, on Mick Jagger's terrace maybe !? Something simple. :)
Regards All, Craig Collister
ccmcacollister ♡ 45 ( +1 | -1 )
PS// Onward I fare ... hoping to finish the job Harry Nelson Pillsbury STARTED; but heavily armed, nay CLAD, in excuses should the effort prove less than exemplary ...
Please feel free to discuss, provide, disseminate or Etc;
ANY TOPICS HERE PERTAINING TO BCA OR ITS TOURNAMENTS, or HASTINGS, or Michael Adams, British players, or if you Must, even -- Nigel Short ... }8-)
So you can SEE what a Liberal thread this is, Indeed.
* * *
Who's going to Win Hastings anyway? (If I pass-out, that is ...)