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Good News for Us Cheapskates Pardon me if this has been mentioned before, but someone has taken over the job of updating the excellent freeware database program SCID. It's alive under a new name, ChessDB, and you can download it here -> .

It's basically the same program, so SCID users will feel comfortable; however, they've also added some neat features (with the promise of more to come). For example, it comes bundled with 3- and 4-man Nalimov tablebases as well as the Crafty analysis engine, so you don't have to go through the hassle of doing that yourself. A feature that appealed to me is the ability to open all .pgn files in a folder into a single database. You can also download your games from ICC or FICS right into the program. The coolest thing is that you can link directly to This Week In Chess (TWIC) and add the newest games to a database. If you ask it to download all available games (as I did), you wind up with with a ready-made database of 650k of the most recent master-level games.

For those of you with a lot more RAM and processing power, you might want to look into another thing I found called ICOfY Base ( -> ), which is a free PGN archive containing nearly *3 million* games. I found out the hard way that it's far too unwieldy for my computer; but if you have the power, give it a go.