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pbarts89 112 ( +1 | -1 )
Anyone Hoping maybe I could get a little help from the machine like analysts out there. I am wondering if and when I could have altered the outcome of these two games. Please feel free to select both or either.

1st. Drdesoto and I got locked in a nice battle into which I put a lot of time. Condisdering he is a very strong player and I felt I came out of the opening well, I got exciting and thought maybe I could force an advantage and get my first win against a gameknot elite. The opportunity never came or was I just a little to nervous to take a chance? board #244761

2nd In another loss to a player who seems to tie me knots Wolfblack it all seemed to fall apart quickly (as is happening in another game against him) If it was possible when and how did I miss my chances to equalize? board #296301

Thanks in adavance guys and gals.